Pathologists warning against proposed IVF changes

The Malta College of Pathologists has published a position statement on the proposed Bill to amend the Embryo Protection Act of 2012. The College represents all pathology specialities, including medical genetics.

“Problems related to embryo freezing, as opposed to the current practice of freezing oocytes (female egg cells), include risk of embryo mortality during the thawing process and risk of harm or death to embryos because of equipment failure, which is always a risk even when rigorous quality standards are in place. Although the proposed amendments mandate that ‘spare’ embryos are given up for adoption, studies have shown that prospective parents prefer to have children who are genetically related to them and, given the choice, the majority will opt for this rather than adopt a genetically unrelated embryo. This raises the question of what will happen to embryos which remain unadopted” and the College is concerned that these may eventually be used for research purposes or may eventually be eliminated.


See the full story form the Malta independent here.