BREAKING – ADITUS unhappy with the proposed changes to the Embryo Protection Act.

When a group such as ADITUS, who are not known for their pro-life position, speak up and ask for a halt in the parliamentary debate on the proposed amendments to the Embryo Protection Act, you know just how serious the situation is.

The Aditus Foundation said the IVF bill speaks of complex themes that require in-depth, honest and inclusive consultation to ensure their appropriate exploration and understanding.

Welcoming the Health Minister’s openness to more discussion, the foundation said it is in favour of the removal of the existing discriminatory ban on access to medically assisted procreation by same-sex couples. It is also positively noted that the Bill endorses our call for the decriminalisation of egg and sperm donation, as we feel that the present law constitutes an unjust interference of a person’s rights to physical integrity.

“However, we feel that Bill cannot be adopted in its present form as it raises extremely serious human rights concerns that cannot be dismissed,” the foundation said.


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