Press release

The Gift of Life Foundation

Date 14th April 2018-04-12

3200 people sign the parliamentary petition against embryo freezing in 6 days.

The Gift of Life Foundation is extremely concerned about Government’s proposals to dismantle the Embryo Protection Act. It is being suggested that people will be given the “choice” to freeze any unused embryos.
Despite the reassurance that these will all be given up for adoption, experience from other countries shows that this will not be the case. Many will be destined to remain frozen indefinitely creating an enormous ethical dilemma as well as a myriad of future legal complications. Furthermore, current technology does not guarantee that all embryos will even survive the freezing/thawing process. Consequently, many will die as a result. One cannot in all honestly exclude that a future government, faced with the massive expense of keeping these embryos frozen, will not be tempted to pass additional laws to allow either for the destruction or the donation of frozen embryos for scientific research.
The concept of anonymous gamete donation implies that children will be born having no legal mechanism of ever tracing their biological parents. Creating orphans by choice is to the great majority ethically repulsive. This practice of anonymity has already been banned in many other countries such as the United Kingdom, Sweden, Austria, the Australian state of Victoria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, and Finland.
As we call on all our MPS to rigorously defend human life from conception, we encourage citizens to sign a petition against embryo freezing on parliament’s official petition site at

Paul Vincenti
Founder – The Gift of Life Foundation