The trouble ahead for pro-life Malta

As the pro abortion cult in Malta protest at not being able to control the narrative, what is their strategy? Inspired by their victory with the licensing of the Morning After Pill, which may cause a chemical abortion in certain circumstances, and only 12 months after claiming that they had “no stand on abortion”,  they are now appealing for people to support them in a debate on the right to kill one’s own child.


The pro-abortion movement is the only movement I know of that will actively avoid talking about what it is that they are actually campaigning against. Predictably, they will always deploy a mix of semantics and pseudoscience to intentionally obscure the horror of abortion and the brutal killing process involved. They will insist that the baby is just a “clump of cells”, “just an embryo” or “a foetus” implying that the child is not yet human. These statements, that are of course all scientifically and factually incorrect. As a result, they often find themselves in the unenviable position of having to defend their outlandish claims that life does not begin at conception and that a baby is not a baby until birth, when they are challenged with the facts.

“The pro-abortion movement is the only movement I know of that will actively avoid talking about what it is that it actually campaigns against”



Feminism hijacked

Those behind the abortion cult in Malta have hijacked the ethos of feminism as I have always known it to be.   The defence of the unborn was always a major principle of authentic feminism. The original feminists would have hurled at the suggestion that a tenet of feminism somehow included the right to kill one’s baby;  yet true through their inconsistent manner, these modern day pro abortion extremists want you to view them as only harmless feminists.

Anonymous biological parents

Concurrently in Malta, there are determined attempts to dismantle the Embryo Protection Act (EPA).  Elements in Government together with other extremist NGOs are pushing to rename the EPA and call it the IVF Act instead. The name change is of course indicative as it predicts what is in store for the unborn and it does not include their protection.

Some in the gay culture in Malta, together with what seems to be the tacit blessing of the government, are pushing for the legalisation of Anonymous Gamete Donations (AGD)

This process requires the use of either the sperm or the egg of third persons, whose identify is kept anonymous, thus prohibiting these future adults from ever knowing who their biological parents were.homopride.tumblr

Anonymous gamete donations were never actually mentioned in the June elections, yet the government continues to insist that they have been given a mandate for this madness. Because it is so ethically troublesome, AGD has been outlawed in over 15 countries including the UK, Germany and Sweden with a discussion on banning it also currently taking place in the USA.

Make no mistake, they do plan to legalise surrogacy. This basically implies turning women into walking, talking incubators and their wombs into spaces for rent.

Embryos frozen

Once we have become accustomed to all this, the government will present the case for embryo freezing. In the process the clinic sets out to intentionally creates more embryos than are actually required producing spare embryos which are stored in reserve. Up to 35% of these embryos will die on thawing. Those that survive will need to pass a selection process that is eerily reminiscent of the infamous sorting process activated for hapless Jews, Roma and other targets of Nazi oppression, on their arrival at some WW2 concentration camp.


The great majority of Maltese are firmly on the pro-life side and they are unaware that the process to legalise abortion is an incremental one. The anti-life side are most likely funded by very powerful external pro abortion organisations. From recent comments in the Times of Malta, the signals from government are at best mixed. On one hand, they seem to affirm what we already knew, that abortion is not on any party’s agenda, yet on the other hand, it would seem that at the same time some are actually encouraging a debate on abortion.

What can you do? You need to write pro-life letters to the papers. Post pro-life comments when the pro abortion elves try to confuse the unaware. Share pro-life material and facts across social media. Be ready to defend life in your one on one discussions.41aJf+ogk9L._SX355_ Certainly, never fall into the trap of calling pro-abortion supporters pro-choice this is precisely what they want as they strive to define themselves as not pro-abortion at all.

Always focus your discussion around the unborn. Refer to it correctly as a baby despite their protests and insults.

We are surrounded by vipers looking for an opportunity to prey on the rights of the innocent. You are your unborn brother’s keeper and you must be their voice. Defending them or not defending them is the only real choice you need concern yourself with.