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We hope you like our new website. We hope it will be a simple yet informative space where you can get to know who we are, what we do and why we need you to help us in our mission.

Human life from conception in Malta is under unprecedented attack,

With the introduction of the Morning After Pill in Malta in 2017, the government has intentionally ignored the science and facts presented by both us and the LifeNetwork foundation together with other pro-life groups in Malta.

The threat now is to the Embryo Protection Act which we are concerned that the present government intends to amend allowing for the abomination that is embryo freezing, thus, opening the door to legal abortion indirectly.

The government has already tried to amend the law after the Prime Minister Of Malta, Joseph Muscat, declared that he was resolute about legalising embryo freezing even if he did not and still does not have the mandate to do so from the people of Malta.

Help us keep the unborn safe by contributing to the movement with your letters, comments, social media action and financial help.

Newborn baby
Newborn baby