Welcome to Gift of Life Foundation’s website. We are dedicated to speaking up for the voiceless and the defenceless.  We are Malta’s first and oldest pro-life NGO working in society at all levels. From education, support to lobbying for the rights of the unborn and the infirm, we are committed to being faithful to justice and rights for all.

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Life needs you. It needs us all. Defend the most defenceless. Defend yourself.

“The battle against abortion in Malta not only can be won, but must be won. The soul of your nation depends on it.” Frank Pavone

“Protecting the innocent is a noble and just cause. Keep doing what you are doing and well done.” Matthew Aquilina

“An organization that is pro life and is an irritant to those who are pro abortion…keep it up!” Joseph Fenech Laudi



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BREAKING – ADITUS unhappy with the proposed changes to the Embryo Protection Act.

When a group such as ADITUS, who are not known for their pro-life position, speak up and ask for a halt in the parliamentary debate on the proposed amendments to the Embryo Protection Act, you know just how serious the situation is. The Aditus Foundation said the IVF bill speaks of complex themes that require … Continue reading BREAKING – ADITUS unhappy with the proposed changes to the Embryo Protection Act.

Pathologists warning against proposed IVF changes

The Malta College of Pathologists has published a position statement on the proposed Bill to amend the Embryo Protection Act of 2012. The College represents all pathology specialities, including medical genetics. “Problems related to embryo freezing, as opposed to the current practice of freezing oocytes (female egg cells), include risk of embryo mortality during the … Continue reading Pathologists warning against proposed IVF changes

Press release

The Gift of Life Foundation Date 14th April 2018-04-12 3200 people sign the parliamentary petition against embryo freezing in 6 days. The Gift of Life Foundation is extremely concerned about Government’s proposals to dismantle the Embryo Protection Act. It is being suggested that people will be given the “choice” to freeze any unused embryos. Despite … Continue reading Press release

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